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Multiple Failed IVF

Don’t Give Up Hope! Pregnancy is Achievable after Multiple Failed IVF Cycle

A failed IVF cycle can be emotionally and financially Multiple Failed IVF Cycle devastating. Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre which is the best IVF centre for IVF failure treatment can understand this well because most of our patients come to us after having at least one unsuccessful IVF cycle at a different fertility center. At Delhi IVF, we expertise in helping our patients with difficult cases of infertility and we know that failed IVF cycles can give signs for a successful next IVF treatment.

We are famous and are a referral centre for failed IVF cycles (even multiple) from almost all parts of the country and many different parts of the world and have developed that confidence and reputation amongst all doctors and patients all over. In fact, our slogan is “If you have a desire you can have a baby”. Most patients come to us after being disheartened and failed IVF cycles elsewhere and have gone back successfully.

What is Repeated IVF Failure?

Repeated IVF failure or Recurrent Implantation Failure refers to failure of clinical pregnancy of a woman, after she had multiple healthy and robust embryo transfers at the time of IVF treatment in a minimum of three frozen or fresh cycles before the age of 40. It does not include the pregnancy failure influenced by an abnormal uterine cavity or hydrosalpinx after IVF or ICSI.

Factors Responsible for Failed IVF Cycless

“IVF failure” can be a daunting term that can refer to multiple situations;

IVF cycle cancellation, due to low amount of follicles produced at the time of egg retrieval.

Retrieved eggs are not of good or high quality.

Egg retrieved doesn’t fertilize well enough.

Thus, no embryo present during the transfer into the uterus.

Transferred Embryos may not implant due to the various reasons- Implantation Failure

Various Infections- Like TB, Gonorrhea, etc.

Male factor infertility –(less motility, high DNA fragmentation rate, etc.)

Cancellation of IVF Cycle

Patients who come to Delhi IVF after cycle cancellation, few major problems come out amongst them. One of the most often experienced is that most IVF centres commonly cancel IVF cycles if the patient doesn’t illustrate a minimum number of follicles on ultrasound. Such cancellations are meaningful only if there is a better ovarian stimulation protocol that can be utilized in a subsequent cycle. Though, if a patient with declined ovarian reserve (DOR), identified in part by high FSH is already on maximum stimulation, what would be the reason of an IVF cycle cancellation? In such cases, nothing better can be provided in a consequent cycle. Such a cancellation may finish up ruining the patient’s last good chance of pregnancy because time is usually not good for patients with declined ovarian reserve.

Reasons Of IVF Failure – Poor Quality Eggs & Embryos

An IVF cycle can be failed even with enough number of eggs (& embryos) if the quality of the egg is poor. Egg quality mirrors about 95% of the ultimate quality of an embryo. Therefore, poor egg quality conducts to the poor embryo quality. Here, the quality of the sperm is not unimportant but nowhere near as crucial as the quality of egg.

Low quality of eggs often leads to improper development of the embryos. Therefore, as most of our patients already know, it’s not only the number of eggs which is crucial. The eggs quality is also equally important for the success of IVF. In relation, our formation of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in women with DOR becomes crucial. We, at Delhi IVF – the best IVF centre for failed cycles were a part of this pioneering study and our initial finding was that DHEA supplementation enhances the IVF pregnancy rates but, over the years, we have also assured the fact that DHEA supplementation improves the quality of the eggs.

Solution to Repeated IVF Failure at Delhi IVF

Our assurance on this problem derives from the fact that we have helped so many patients in past many years to conceive, despite their long histories of failed fertility treatments. Many patients come to Delhi IVF after their first, second or even third fertility (upto 14 failed IVF/IUI failed cycles) centre has given up on them, refusing them further treatments unless the patients agree to use donor eggs.

At Delhi IVF, our experts and doctors are trained well and capable enough of providing you the successful IVF treatment in the first IVF cycle, depending upon the current clinical condition you have and consulting with them.

What To Do After 2 Failed IVF Cycles?

Everything goes as planned from ovarian stimulation to egg retrieval to fertilization in the lab to embryo transfer, but still when some women meet the reality at the end, the results in form of pregnancy tests are never positive in their case. Though, IVF success rates have increased in the last 30 years since it was introduced for the first time, but still the perfection has not been gained yet due to some unsuccessful cases. Importantly, it has been observed in the women with Declined Ovarian Reserve, the negative pregnancy results are still common. And the women who want to become biological mother of their child have to try further more IVF cycles.

Why to Trust Delhi IVF after 3 Failed IVF Cycles?

We are not scared to use more combative forms of ovarian stimulation, if tests and regular examination of patients show that declined or low ovarian reserve needs such treatment. We perform careful monitoring during the ovarian stimulation, most offensive side effects of stronger ovarian stimulation can be evaded, and pregnancy rates are improved.


29 years of experience, we are top ranking and the best IVF centre for IVF failed cycles, among IVF clinics in India.

14,000 babies to infertile couples delivered all over the world.

2265+ Postmenopausal Babies delivered successfully.

2200+ International couples got the successful treatment.

“At Delhi IVF, We Fight for Every Single Egg”- Our Aim

We tend to retrieve even a single egg in some patients if a patient manages to form one follicle. While chances of pregnancy are obviously less with retrieval of only a single egg (and the risk of not retrieving an egg from a single follicle is significant), only one egg and one embryo are required to establish pregnancy.

Getting unsuccessful at different IVF centers every time in fulfilling your biggest dream with the IVF cycles can break you completely! Our team of experts guides every patient at each step and encourages them to trust us and never lose the hope as it is not the end! In case, if the last cycle fails, you may also be asked for another IVF cycle at Delhi IVF, which varies from patient to patient based on their medical conditions and how their body responds to the medications.

What Happens When IVF Doesn’t Result in Pregnancy

After such a cycle, our doctor will examine the patient, the events of the failed IVF cycle to see if any improvement can be done in the next cycle.

IVF treatment can be modified with a variety of additional assisted in reproductive technologies. Mostly, trying again with the same protocol is meaningful. But sometimes medical adjustments or additional technologies are required to be made.

Egg Donor IVF– Egg donor IVF may be required in cases of premature ovarian failure, low ovarian reserves (commonly in women above 38 yrs), or poor quality of eggs during past failed or canceled IVF cycles.