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Dr. Aastha Gupta is an experienced gynaecologist practising in the western suburbs of Melbourne. As a highly qualified & experienced gynaecologist, she is able to diagnose and treat both common as well as complex gynaecological conditions including ovarian cysts, fibroids, heavy or irregular periods, adenomyosis, endometriosis and abnormal cervical screening test to name a few

Dr. Aastha Gupta encourages regular checkups for early detection of gynaecological conditions..

Dr Aastha Gupta specializes in both medical and surgical management of gynaecological problems. She is proficient in open & laparoscopic gynaecological procedures for management of conditions such as fibroids, ovarian cysts and excessive vaginal bleeding etc. and, colposcopic procedures for detection and treatment of abnormal cervical pathology.

Dr Aastha Gupta main areas of interest are minimally invasive surgery and treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding. She believes in evidence based and holistic approach to women’s health.

Her friendly approach will immediately put you at ease as well as make it easier for you to discuss your wellbeing, sexuality & reproductive health issues.

  • standard check-ups
  • contraception counselling
  • identification of fertility issues
  • recognition and treatment of abnormal pap smear tests
  • diagnosis & treatment of benign pelvic tumours
  • diagnosis & treatment of fibroids, menstrual abnormalities endometriosis
  • treatment of utero-vaginal prolapse
  • laparoscopic & hysteroscopic procedures for heavy menstrual cycles
  • hysterectomy
  • colposcopy, cervical diathermy for abnormal cervical screening, LLETZ and cone biopsy
  • If you want to book an appointment with Dr Astha Gupta or want more information about the services she offers, contact her today.